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MTV: I Want to be Made… Into a Disciple

Posted in Culture, Discipleship, Evangelism, Faith, God, Music, Religion on June 30, 2007 by Scott

Have you seen the MTV show called Made?  The show pairs kids up with celebrity mentors to help them “achieve their dreams.”   

Past shows include transforming an ugly duckling into a prom queen, an overweight couch potato into a model, and a sci-fi nerd into a rapper (what does he rap about – Star Trek?).

This guy was “made” into a rocker…

Here’s one that wasn’t on the Made list – Disciple of Christ.  How great would it be if some kid wrote in that he or she wanted to be made into a fully devoted follower of Christ? Not that MTV would ever air this, but….

Imagine being paired up with Billy Graham.  They would wake up in the morning and read the Bible together.  Each afternoon they would serve others in some capacity.  Maybe help out at a homeless shelter, teach a class to children, visit hospitals, etc… In the evening they would spend time in prayer. 

Actually that sounds pretty cool.  Do you think MTV would be interested in a forty-something bald guy? 


I’m in blog heaven…I think

Posted in Blogs, Evangelism, God, Religion on June 29, 2007 by Scott

Ever been moderated on a blog? We were once at Scott Hodge  – or at least we think we were. We’re still not sure if we hit preview or post, and if hitting it once is enough.peepers.jpg

We’re wrestling with “once approved, always approved”. How do you really know if something is blog-worthy, and is there a predetermined level of creative thinking needed. Maybe there should be proof that approval is merited…like better spelling or a point.

Should people have to log in each time and be re-approved like at Tony Morgan?

Then they have someone else reply to the comment; do we need a go-between. Where’s the assurance of approval; is there anything we can do to not be automatically approved? It seems some read between the lines when they moderate…

Are we really talking about blogging or something more eternal, like salvation – something of which God is the great moderator.

You Might Be a Pharisee…

Posted in Church, Discipleship, Evangelism, Faith, God, Missional, Religion on June 28, 2007 by Scott

We are aware that this type of list has been done before, so just consider us the Thrift Store of the blogosphere – it’s new to us, so therefore it’s new.

  • If you think missionary is a position or something that others are called to be, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you criticize others more than you serve others, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • pharisee.jpgIf you think Disciple is only a Christian rock band, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you think Jesus might attend your church, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you are caught up in the legalism of the church and not the heart of Jesus, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you tell God what you want before listening to what he wants, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you know everything about the cross, except to stand at the foot of it, then you might be a Pharisee.
  • If you think that any church that has experienced growth must be watering-down the Gospel, then you might be a Pharisee.

Thanks to the following blogs who blazed the trail for us – Gamaliels Desk, Post Millennialism, and Trey Morgan.

Feel free to share your best “You might be a Pharisee.”

Pastoring for Dummies

Posted in Church Planting, Creativity, Discipleship, Evangelism, Faith, God, Leadership,, Megachurch, Religion on June 27, 2007 by Scott

So we were listening to some podcasts this past week and there seemed to be a theme…Jonah. We listened to, Mosaic, and Elevation Church and all were teaching on Jonah.

For the record, one was really good and two left something on the table.

Now given the multitude of churches in the world, many are going to be teaching the from the same places in the Bible but if you read our posts on One Church (part one and part two), you realize there is more to it. It is not coincidental, as there is a sharing of resource materials, marketing and doctrine.

The question we see is, are pastors being led by the Holy Spirit in their teaching or by and the NewThing Network. Rick Warren heads up and Dave Ferguson ( The Big Idea) is one of the driving forces behind NewThing. And openly shares their resources through Open whether original or borrowed.

We really liked The Big Idea, and applaud the concept of empowering pastors but does the church need to know that the message may not have been inspired by that pastor’s time in the Word. It’s like everybody is eating the same cereal in the morning and they end up with the same prize when they dig their hand to the bottom of the box.

Having said this, God is not so small that He cannot use rebadged teaching for His purpose, in fact, He does. And it is not to say that lives cannot be transformed, because they are. Because in the end, only God had original content.

So is it a positive that pastors can spend less effort on message prep time, reproduce targeted content and then spend more time vision-casting and disciple-making? That’s positive…right?

It just kind of appears pastoring a church is nothing more than making a glass of orange juice. Just scoop in the Tang and add water…just sign-up with pastoring for dummies and do church.

Ann Coulter and Elizabeth Edwards

Posted in Culture, Politics, Video on June 27, 2007 by Scott

Not sure if you prefer red or blue but this can’t be good when the right goes after a public cancer victim. Oh this is getting nasty…

Stefani and Grimley

Posted in Music, Video on June 26, 2007 by Scott

Nothing says hump-day like some dancing from Ed Grimley… 

Innovation Church

Posted in Church, Community, Culture, Evangelism, God on June 25, 2007 by Scott

Fast Company blogs “When is a Company Too Innovative for Its Own Good?” The short of it is, companies are setting up job interviews with applicants in Second Life. And though the figure is debatble, an estimated 7.6 million people troll SL, so why not recruit the job seekers.

Wait, did we say seeker? Hmmm….

We have seen churches launch their versions of Second Life. Without logging-in, we counted 50 or so; some Christian, some not.

But when is a church too innovative for its own good? At some point the technology stops being about us following the Holy Spirit and more about us as individuals setting some industry standard.

A barometer might be if you have more people devoted to discipleship or technology.