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It Takes an Idiot!

Posted in Christianity, Church, Discipleship, Evangelism,, Religion on January 14, 2008 by Scott

dumber.jpegFor those of you who have asked where we go to church, finally the answer – One only need to watch the lesson series – Unstoppable – from this week to learn why (be sure to select Week 3).

This morning, our Senior Pastor, Craig Groschel, said that God is looking for “idiots.” To which we responded, “So you’re telling us there’s a chance?”

Before you start picketing or breaking out the boycott emails, here is the angle.

Acts 4:13 says “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

Jesus didn’t pick the rich or educated, politicians, or those with special talents – he chose the ordinary. That gives hope to us all.


Moving the Bus

Posted in Christianity, Church, Discipleship, Evangelism, Faith, God, Jesus,, Megachurch, Missional, Religion on January 2, 2008 by Scott

makeover.jpgOur friend Trevor spoke this weekend about one of his favorite shows, Extreme Home Makeover.  His favorite part is when they move the bus out of the way so the family can see their new home. He gets a little choked up when he sees the reaction of the family.

Trevor grew up in Edmond, OK, where there are churches on virtually every corner.  Surrounded by tens of thousands of Christians for years, not one person spoke to him about accepting Christ into his life.  Hard to believe… Or is it?

There are a lot of people out there – even in cities with hundreds of churches – that need someone to “move the bus” out of the way so they can see the makeover Christ has to offer them. 

So here is the Floating Axhead challenge for 2008…. “Move the bus” for at least one person this year. If you don’t do it, chances are no one else will.

God With Us

Posted in Christian Music,, Video on December 19, 2007 by Scott

One of our favorites…

Going All the Way

Posted in Blogs, Books,, Marriage on December 10, 2007 by Scott

going-all-the-way.jpggoing-all-the-way.jpggoing-all-the-way.jpgWritten for those thinking about marriage, Going All the Way by Craig Groschel is a good read – even if you have been married for awhile. Like most of Craig’s books, this book is easy to read with plenty of humor, scripture, and valuable insight.

Some of our favorite quotes for the “experienced” married person:

  • If we don’t put what matters most into our lives first, the lesser priorities take up all of our time.
    • The way it should be… “Next to Christ: I reserve the priority spot for my spouse.”
  • “The things that destroys marriages are not always bad things, but often misprioritized good things.”
  • “A spouse that allows anything to take a front seat to God or their partner (or both) only goes partway.  A marriage that keeps God, spouse and self in order… goes the distance.”
  • “Most couples tend to pursue each other more before the marriage than after.”
  • “Passion in marriage is likely to fizzle unless you actively and intentionally nurture it.”

Going All the Way: Preparing for a marriage that goes the distance is available at Amazon.

I Played My Best for Him

Posted in, Megachurch, Music, Religion on November 23, 2007 by Scott

We kickoff the Christmas season with Trent Austin from

Great Expectations

Posted in Blogs, Christianity, Culture, Evangelism, God,, Missional, Music, Video on September 12, 2007 by Scott

Have you heard of Ronald Jenkees? He seems like a pretty cool guy. But when we look at him, it’s just not what we expected…and he can flat jam. Are you like that…full of expectations just based on what you consider a greater god-given instinct…or maybe you’re like us and find yourself just not that easily impressed.

What about church…do we assume some to be shallow because of loud music and multiple screens, and some to lack passion and relevance because of hymnals and low-grade technology. We wonder about our blog-friend Scott Williams…does he get preset expectations because of what he does and who he does it for?

We know someone who serves battered, abused, and often recovering women on their way to self-respect. Her secret…she’s available…expectations set aside.

We think Christ not only died for sin and shame but for the expectations we have of others…for when we set those aside, it frees up something called grace.

…now go in His…

Second Chances

Posted in Christianity, Church,, Megachurch, Relationships, Religion, Video on September 9, 2007 by Scott

In case you missed in the first time around, we wanted to give you the second chance to watch the video below, which was part of the 30 Days to Live series at

Larry suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and recorded his insight for the series, which asked the question, “How you would live differently if you only had 30 days to live.” 

Larry passed away last night.   

We thank Larry for his courage in sharing his thoughts and insight.  Our prayers are with Larry’s family.