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The Friend Zone

Posted in Christianity, Church, Community, Culture, Marriage, Movies, Video on January 15, 2008 by Scott

We had a conversation recently about men-women “friendships”, the high level of HOT floating around the church, what we wear and what it says for us.

One of the best explanations of a man/woman relationship happened in “When Harry Met Sally” and Harry just lays it out why friendship between a man and woman doesn’t work. Then an article in Psychology Today outlines how men and women have different types of friendships or at least express their intimacy differently in that friendship…so we really don’t communicate the same in friendships and basically want different things from friendship….but its platonic…yeah right.

So in this culture of serving and small groups, trendy pastors and young assistants in the church, can a man and woman be friends…just friends. Can they both bring the intimacy friendship requires at that level and leave it there, never desiring more. What about married friendships…one, both, whatever…can a man and a woman be friends without being friends with the spouse too, and maintain the purity of thought and action Jesus called us to. Is it wise…is it real?

Does a guy really just want to be friends because she listens…We’re just saying…


Anybody Important?

Posted in Atheism, Christianity, Church, Culture, God, Leadership, Movies, Politics, Religion on December 11, 2007 by Scott

So we were sitting around listening to the news coverage surrounding the shootings at the church in Colorado…mh…and my wife says “anybody important?”. Now that can be taken out of context but it brought to mind if the church really has someone more important than another.

Is your senior pastor more important…discipleship pastor…worship pastor…children’s pastor…? What about people who walk through the doors…are the people who tithe more important…the homeless…the unbelievers…the volunteers? Do you/we/I distinguish between the importance of others…did Christ?

As we watched the Da Vinci Code, does a cup that Christ drank from really matter…do we think he would have cared about that? Did he die so people could separate themselves by what day of the week they worship?

What matters to you…show me your checkbook and it will reveal to you what’s important to you…show me your calendar and it will reveal who’s important to you.

Cry Out to Jesus!

Posted in Culture, Movies, Prayer, Religion, Sports on July 27, 2007 by Scott

vick.jpg                  lohan.jpg donaghy.jpg 

What you’re doing isn’t working.  Maybe it’s time to try something different…

Harry Potter the Atheist

Posted in Atheism, Books, Culture, God,, Movies on July 13, 2007 by Scott

Nerd World has a post about the absence of God in Harry Potter. It is insightful from the standpoint that the Harry Potter literature is not trashing God or endorsing satanic wizardry but it is simply void of God. Many Christians have taken exception to the stories but it is quite frankly a world where God does not exist.

Another interesting point is that Harry’s power comes from love. In a culture where Christians are ridiculed for believing in superstition, this godless world is powered by its own superstition; people are innately capable of selfishness but love? That seems like a fleeting power-source.

hp.jpgBobby Gruenewald at swerve recently wrote a post titled “Does God Exist“. Basically looking at how our knowledge of that fact affects our communications with others and their potential unbelief of that fact.

Since God does not exist in Harry Potter and many other literary works (used loosely), does he exist in our world…in our everyday citizenship? How does the knowledge of that one fact permeate every area of your life whereby you are powered by love?

So many truths are attached to that one belief. And if you read Harry Potter, where does your knowledge of God shape your filtering of its story without God.

In this life, we are too often Harry Potter, powering ourselves by a love not inspired by God.

Evan Almighty

Posted in Culture, Evangelism, God, Movies on June 10, 2007 by Scott

I have seen trailers for the movie Evan Almighty lately; this is the sequel to Bruce Almighty. Christianity Today has put a film advertisement outside of its cover targeting whomever…perhaps non-readers.

Pulpit Magazine has taken offense, as they do with many things. Is this a sell-out by Christianity Today or just hyper-sensitivity by Pulpit and John MacArthur? Are we as evangelicals or emergents or disciples buying into the product of the world or are we using the same marketing schemes to reach the unreachable?

Maybe what the “church” needs is a great rivalry. Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest tennis player of all time, again today in the finals of the French Open. This is the greatest rivalry in world right now, inside or outside of sports.

Maybe we need that…Rob Bell, #1 seed in all things missional; Bill Hybels, #1 seed in all things seeker, John MacArthur, #1 seed in all things doctrinal, and Joel Osteen, #1 seed in all things TV. I am sure we can field a great group of 128 pastors, planters and reverends.

We can declare winners each week from total tithes and offerings, turnstile counts, books sold and hands raised. I mean that would accomplish so much wouldn’t it?

Richard Gere and Jesus

Posted in Church, Community, Culture, Faith, Movies on May 9, 2007 by Scott

I recently read  a quote attributed to Richard Gere, who might be recognized as the second most famous Buddhist in the world next to the Dali Lama. He said, “I keep having this image that Jesus Christ is here and now. He’s here among us. And he’s just quietly watching what’s going on in his name and he’s appalled.”

We can debate Gere’s “image” of Jesus but can we discount the relevant observation that the Christ-following community, also known as the Church, might be verbalizing the Gospel to people but that we are falling incredibly short in living out the Gospel in terms of being there for the underbelly of society?

I have read commentaries ripping Gere and anyone using his comments as a platform to promote outreach. Have we as Christ-followers become so polarized that we cannot even recognize truth because it comes from a source that does not believe in the source of that truth?

God revealed truth to Pharaoh in the form of dreams, as God is the author of all things true. Was Joseph to ignore them because they were from Pharaoh?

Jesus has not returned but the Holy Spirit is here among us, and He does reveal truth to the world. And we should realize that Bill Gates, Oprah, and Bono do what they do for the world because they have to…because someone has to?

Ax ‘Em – James Cameron

Posted in Creativity, Movies, Religion on May 3, 2007 by Scott

This is our initial installment of this series and we want to highlight ridiculous comments we have heard this year, and then give them the ax…Floating Axhead style.

This week it goes to ‘Titanic‘ director James Cameron, standing in front of a 2000-year old stone box he claimed contained the remains of Jesus, “It doesn’t get bigger than this.”

Well actually it does James, it was called the resurrection you idiot. You and Geraldo need to go hang together. Any chance this is the precursor to a movie? And is there any doubt how far the god of this age will go in order to cast doubt on the diety of Christ?

More here on the dig…